Contacts and Directions

DEI campus
  • Address: Palazzo delle Scienze, Corso Italia 55, 95129 Catania (Italy). 

Find us on Google Maps: Here we are!

  • Information on the academic buildings and venues and how to reach us: link→

DEI contancts

  • E-mail: dei[at]unict[dot]it
  • Tel.: (+39) 095 7537 511 switchboard
  • Fax.: (+39) 095 7537 610
You can call any unit directly by adding to "095 7537" the three numbers specific to the unit that you wish. Please, note that the switchboard is not assisted.

Phonebook by operational unit

(These links take to pages only in Italian, sorry about that)
Information for Foreigners

Teaching Staff

Check the "Teaching Staff" page where the alphabetical list is reported.