Transportation to/from the Airport



The Department of Economics and Business (in Italian: Dipartimento di Economia e Impresa) is headquartered in a well-known building named “Palazzo delle Scienze” on the Corso Italia road (n°55); this is in a central part of the city.

The Department can be reached directly from the "Vincenzo Bellini" Airport (just 9 km away) by using:

  • Public Transport. Only BUS line AMT 457 (Alibus), the bus stop is outside the terminal building on the right of the arrival area (exactly in front of the old terminal building). The fare is € 4, buy the ticket within the terminal building or directly on the bus. The stop is the first one in Corso Italia (on the way to the Department the bus shortly stops at the Central Train station, do not get out, it is only an intermediate stop), consider 30 minutes ride; check the AMT website.
  • Taxi services. Straight outside the arrival area, the fare is around €25.

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