Arturo Di Bella

Associate Professor of Economic and Political Geography [M-GGR/02]

Arturo Di Bella is associate professor of Economic and Political Geography at the Department of Economics and Business of the University of Catania, where he teaches Geography of Tourism in the graduate course of Economics and Management of Tourism and Regions. Previously, he was a reaserch assistant at the same Department (type B) and at the Dept. of Political and Social Sciences (type a), Catania University. He graduated with a degree in Economics from Catania University at 2001. He holds a PHD in Cultural Geography at the University of Messina and a MA in Partecipated Local Actions and Sustainable Urban Development at the IUAV (Venice). From 2006 to 2014, he also worked as post-doc researcher in Urban Sociology and Economic and Political Geography at the University of Catania. From 2009 to 2012, he taught Social Geography at the Faculties of Foreing Language and Literature and of Literature and Philosophy of Catania University. In 2015, he was visiting scholar at the Department of Economic-Social and Matematic-Statistics Sciences of the University of Turin. The same year, he was a visiting researcher of the Department of Geography at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Over the years, he helds various teaching assignments in masters and specialization courses and he has partecipated in various international, national and local research projects. He collaborates as editorial manager/reviewer with renowed international and national scientific journals. In 2011, he was awarded the (Italian Geographical Society) "Francesco Compagna" Prize, XVI edition. At the moment his main research interests are: post-industrial transition, knowledge economy, urban tourism, events and festivals.


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