Access to the programme is on a yearly basis. A public notice is released each year in June/July and candidates must apply through an online procedure available at the University of Catania website. You should contact the Doctorate tutors for information on the next openings (check the Contacts & Venues page).

The selection of applicants is based on:
  1. the evaluation of their curriculum,
  2. an oral examination mainly based on the discussion of each candidate's research project, which is needed to apply, on the topics of the most recent candidate's degree, and on the doctorate main research lines. 

Successful applicants will be notified by the end of September and are expected to be present at the Department since the following November. 

For the ongoing/last-available opening, check the following links

2021 Call

The link takes you to the public notice available at the University of Catania website. The public notice is a unique document for all the doctoral programmes at the University of Catania, search the document for information specific to this doctorate programme. You can contact the Doctorate tutors for help about that.