Luigi Scrofani

Full Professor of Economic and Political Geography [M-GGR/02]


Territorial development; urban policies; cultural heritage; tourism; inner areas:

Luigi Scrofani is full professor of Economic and Political Geography.

He teached GIS, Urban Geography, Policy of Environment, Geography of landscape; Tourism sociology and Economic Geography in University courses, MA, School of Specialization and Business School.

Actually he teachs Economic Geography (Degree in Economics) and Urban Geography (MA Degree in Economy and Management of Territory and Tourism).

2013: representing the University of Catania, Prof.Scrofani took part in the Commission on Metropolitan Cities in Regione Sicily.

From January 2015 to 2018:  he has been the representative of the department of economics and business of the University of Catania in the project  PON03PE_00214_3 NEPTIS - Soluzioni ICT per la fruizione e I'esplorazione "aumentata" di Beni Culturali.

From 2017 to 2020: he is the head of local research unit of Catania in the  PRIN 2015 “Territorial Impact Assessment of territorial cohesion of Italian Regions. Model based on place evidence, to evaluate the policy for the development of green economy of the inner areas and inner peripheries”, coordinated by Prof. Maria Prezioso of the Rome University “La Sapienza”.

2017: he took part in the Commission on Urban Planning of the city of Catania and its metropolitan area.

2018: he wrote the chapter "The urban areas in the  peripheral processus and development of Italian Mezzogiorno in Report 2017/2018  “Sussidiarietà e… giovani al Sud” edited by the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà.

2019 - : director of reseach center "ProGeo - Centro di Progettazione e Ricerche Geografiche" at the University of Catania.

2020 -: member of excutive board of department of economics and business.

His studies deal with territorial development, urban policies, tourism develoment and policies, industrial localization and environmental impact, inner areas. His studies were carried out during also staying in Geographisches Institut of University of Hannover (Germany), the ESOC-Lab of the European Institute of the London School of economic and political science in London, the Department of Planning and Environmental policy of the University College of Dublino (Ireland), the Centro Latinoamericano de Economia Humana (CLAEH) in Montevideo (Uruguay).

His research has been supported by numerous collaborations in research projects of universities, national and international, as well as collaboration with public Institutions, research centers.

A lot of papers, reports, chapter in books and interventions at national and international conferences document a varied research and study activity.


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